Unexpected Customer Behaviour In The Bagging Area

This week saw the UK’s fourth largest supermarket, Morrisons, announce the return of staffed express checkouts.  As the first major retailer to make the u-turn what now is the future strategy for self-service?  Are Morrisons responding to a change in customer shopping behaviour or did they, along with the rest of the retail market, get Continue reading Unexpected Customer Behaviour In The Bagging Area

The ridiculous mouse

“A mountain has gone into labour and was groaning terribly.  Such rumours excited great expectations all over the country.  In the end however, the mountain gave birth to a mouse.” Phaedrus 4.24 At some point in our lives we’ve all been lectured that we only get out of life what we’re prepared to put in; Continue reading The ridiculous mouse

Tick to Agree

Do our customers really trust that we do the right things for the right reasons when it comes to their data?  The digital economy is founded upon data that belongs to our customers. We may source it, store it, aggregate  it, make sense of it, commercialise it… yet if we share it just how informed Continue reading Tick to Agree

Three Little Words

There are three little words that are easy to say yet extremely hard to actually demonstrate; sometimes you say them too soon, letting your heart rule your head.  Once you’ve said them you can’t take them back – they linger there, waiting for you to prove that they’re not just empty words.  So once you’ve Continue reading Three Little Words