Practical Change

Why is it that so many change and transformation projects fail? Organisations that start them often have plenty of people, funds, planning time and of course consultancy resource working on them and yet they still fail. Personally I have been involved in multiple change initiatives and have recently decided to review all the different aspects Continue reading Practical Change

Rip it up and start again

Business Transformation is a hot subject right now.  Boardrooms are buzzing with the latest idea for how to change their business to reduce the bottom line, grow the top line, eliminate waste, increase efficiency, grow deeper relationships with customers.  Chief Executives look at their competitors with a jealous eye, thinking how they can implement the industry best Continue reading Rip it up and start again

Distributed Identity Has No Clothes

In January the Government Chief Scientific Advisor, Sir Mark Walport, published a report setting out the findings of a review exploring how distributed ledger technology can revolutionise services, both in government and the private sector.  This 88-page report explored a vision of how distributed ledger technology could reshape how government interacts with its citizens. Whilst Continue reading Distributed Identity Has No Clothes