Propositions, Business Cases & Commercials

Proposition Development All of the services we have covered thus far are all part of solution architecture in some shape or form. The Proposition Development and Commercial Modelling services are less technical and focus on wider business picture. These services are strongly complemented by our technical skills and enable Hibou Consulting to define and deliver Continue reading Propositions, Business Cases & Commercials

Data & Integration

Data Architecture Data can transform our client businesses, for this reason we take data very seriously. We look at data by looking at what business is trying to achieve. Strong data architecture is required in order to achieve robust integration, however prior to this, a strong understanding of business benefit must be gained. We start Continue reading Data & Integration

Solution Design & EA

At HC when we say solution design, we do mean complex solutions. Our standard framework follows the concept that all projects/solutions must be contributing to the wider business objectives and must support strategy. If there are projects that cannot show that they do this, they must be stopped. Our solution design framework is aligned to Continue reading Solution Design & EA

Managing Projects

  Majority of our projects are to do with writing: Propositions Design artefacts Roadmaps Strategies Sales documents Such documents often need revision and new sections included. This does mean that traditional methods of tracking projects are not as effective. At HC we like to focus on outputs and get clarity of how various bits of Continue reading Managing Projects

Problem Analysis

When analysing different problems, we tend to use a number of techniques. This post may seem obvious to many, however not all of our clients have business background and therefore may not be familiar with them: PESLE analysis This is a typical analysis that can be used when developing and testing strategy. This analysis can Continue reading Problem Analysis