Big Brother's Protection

Big Brother's Protection еducate We all know that only bad people need to fear the “Big Brother” state described so vividly in George Orwell’s ‘1984’; if we don’t do anything wrong then what’s wrong with the Government knowing about it?  And while we offer resigned acceptance that the Government knows everything about us and how we live our lives, Continue reading Big Brother's Protection

I didn’t say you could touch me

I didn’t say you could touch me The use of biometrics in user authentication is thriving with fingerprint sensors becoming more common and technology evolving for reliable facial and voice recognition being used within apps.  Next generation smartphones may also contain iris scanning capability thanks to micro form factor components that can be included in the existing footprint.   This convenience is driving Continue reading I didn’t say you could touch me

I not the person I used to be

I not the person I used to be Digital identities are set to revolutionise how we transact with business, with governments and with each other.  A secure binding of our real world identity to a secure digital token that will allow us to perform trusted transactions online. At the moment, there is a lot of focus on how we onboard the real world Continue reading I not the person I used to be