Our Experience

Business Transformation & Change

We deliver business transformation work where we help our clients transform with the focus on practical solutions and appropriate use of technology. What we found was that quite often change and transformation efforts fail because of:

  • Lack of leadership buy in
  • Lack of upstream and downstream communication
  • Clear governance and escalation processes

We bring structure and discipline to ensure that such efforts do not fail and are focused on delivering real business value. We have highly experienced business transformation and change consultants who can help with:

  • Project/Programme Management – where you simply do not have strong project management methodologies within your organisation
  • Programme Set Up & Support- where you have limited project management capabilities and would like to build your own team up
  • Change Management- to help your organisation not plan just the project but also all other aspects, including communications, implications for the operating model, process redesign and implementation of new processes
  • Interim COO/General Management- in many cases our clients ask us to have our staff seconded into their organisations, essentially filling in¬†interim COO/GM positions to ensure that short term skill gaps can be filled in but also better knowledge sharing and culture change can be implemented much more effectively when you have someone in an interim position as opposed to a consultant who has a much more of a finite lifeshelf.

We have consistently delivered successful change and more importantly:

  • improved operations, addressing issues where staff are incredibly busy all of the time firefighting
  • improved financial position – using best practice processes and technology solutions to deliver real cash savings
  • improved propositions and revenue growth¬†– more robust and scalable propositions that came at a fraction of the cost and delivered improved net margin

Identity & Innovation

Our consultants are thought leaders in UK Verify, an identity market in UK that is built upon a federated identity model. Over the last few years we have been working closely on implementing UK Verify as well as shaping the future of the market through engagement with organisations like OIX.

We provide our clients support with technical architecture and product management capabilities as we know the ins and outs of the UK Verify solution and what is required to make your solution compliant to the government standards as well as ensure that the user journey is as smooth as possible.

Apart from Identity market, our consultants are highly experienced Enterprise and Business Architects. We are always looking at latest trends in the market and how technology will impact our client business. We are currently looking at Internet of Things and Connected Cities, Big Data driven solutions and implications of Blockchain on financial sector and cross border solutions.

Sales & Negotiations

Our consultants are highly experienced in both sales and negotiations and we are using industry best practice in both.

We frequently help support our client sales teams to ensure they understand:

  • Their sales messages
  • Plan deal pursuit plans
  • Implement pursuit plans
  • Close deals & manage account in accordance with global best practices
  • Define and plan their negotiations with their suppliers